Video Packages

Speaker Reels

Compile your best on stage moments and book more engagements

For Speakers & Thought Leaders

Are you a professional speaker, thought leader, motivational coach or just sharing your story with an audience? You need a professional demo reel to get hired quickly and spread your message to more people! We'll take your best on-stage and/or online presentation footage and turn into an engaging portfolio to show what you're all about. 

Starting at $500

Online Video Content

Create engaging online video content remotely and grow your audience fast!

Video Production

Commercials, interviews, event promotions and anything else you can dream of. Priced per hour. 

For Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals  

Are you an expert in your industry and want to share your knowledge and personality online while building a larger audience? Build video content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and your website without leaving your house. Remotely plan, execute and grow your brand with a professional. 

For Businesses and Organizations

Are you looking to bring in new customers, up-sell a service, recruit new employees? There are a million ways video can help your business. We will meet in person or virtually to discuss many aspects of your business and uncover the hidden ways video can make a massive impact.

Starting at $200

Starting at $100 per hour 


Custom Needs

Video can be used for so many purposes. Get in touch and we can make it work best for you. 

Custom Needs

Does your project or needs not quite fit inside the box? That's okay! We can create your dreams together! Let me know what you're looking for and we'll go from there. 

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