Full Service Video

What does full service video mean for you and your business?


It means you understand the power that video marketing has but you’re busy!


You need an expert to help you brainstorm, plan, produce, edit and distribute your content.


Or maybe you already work with a marketing/creative firm but they don’t offer video services and you need a professional to fill the gap. 

What I'll do for you

Goal setting and creative concepts

This is the most important stage in any video project. Are you looking to bring in new customers, up-sell a service, recruit new employees? There are a million ways video can help your business but with specific goals you can track your ROI much more clearly. We will meet in person or virtually to discuss many aspects of your business and uncover the hidden ways video can make a massive impact. 



Once we have the goals, we will work together to come up with the most creative and effective ways to tell your story. Need your team to be part of a video? Don’t worry, we’ll send them exactly what they need to know, what to wear, and where to be. Need a script? You got it! Anything that needs to be done before the actual production will be done for you. 



It’s lights, camera, action time! All the gear we need to pull off an amazing video will be provided and ready to roll. Need to practice a few times? No worries. Depending on the scope of your project you’ll have plenty of production time to make sure we get the shots you need. All you have to worry about is showing up! 



This is the most important step. Without good editing there is no video. I have been editing for more than a decade and learned what viewers best respond to and how to match that to your brand. Engaging motion graphics, pacing, music, natural sound, effects etc. you get it all. 



During the goal setting and creative conception stage we’ll determine what platforms best match your goals. Organic, native, paid, boosted; is your head swimming yet? We will make sure your video gets seen by the right people at the right time. 


Full service video projects begin at $1500 and can go much higher. Video pricing fluctuates across the market depending on many factors. From my years of experience, diverse career background and professional awards this is where I feel comfortable. To get a custom quote setup a meeting here. 

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